Our Work


Scaling business in 16 markets with Search

The Reality

​Printful is a leading print-on-demand dropshipping company worldwide, originated from Latvia. Printful challenged iProspect to help in getting new clients across existing and new markets. The goals was to drive more quality leads from Search advertising and increase ROAS.


We started with improving measurement by developing and implementing new tracking templates and conversion goals.

Data from advertising platforms and Google Analytics was automatically connected with Printful internal data in Datorama dashboards to visualize and evaluate campaign business outcomes.

Ad account was fully restructured based on audit insights to better support optimization and market expansion. Campaigns were launched in 16 countries including United States, Canada and others.

Search Ads 360 was used to manage bidding at scale, while Datorama dashboards supported both tactical and strategic decisions based on joint media and business outcome data.

New keywords were added from keyword research and competitive analysis. Various landing page and ad copy A/B tests were launched to further improve Conversion Rates and CPA.

The Results


Increase in Leads


Increase in ROAS


New markets activated