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To capitalize on pent up travel demand and differentiate from competitors, in 2022, Hilton launched an enduring new brand platform, ‘For the Stay’ that umbrellaed across every aspect of their business. Accompanied by a Masterbrand campaign, titled, ‘It Matters Where You Stay’, it brought Hilton’s signature hospitality and care to life, elevating the all-important role of the hotel within travel – a message overlooked by modern travel marketers.

Post-launch, we were challenged to come up with a big idea that would continue the story of the Stay in culture and generate significant reach and buzz.


The resulting idea was a 10-minute TikTok that demonstrated how wonderful things happen when you Stay. We partnered with creators, including Paris Hilton, to build an ecosystem designed to engage our audience, and surprise people so much that they couldn’t stop talking about it.

We took a storytelling approach to the media plan, seeding the TikTok over three stages with an audience primed to receive our message: adults with a curated list of interests covering travel, food and beverage, and TV.    

Tease: Prime the audience and build intrigue 24 hours before the full-length launch. 

Launch: Launch our 10-minute TikTok, garnering reach and awareness of the content.

Sustain: Further the conversation and encourage additional engagement around what it means to Stay.

The Numbers

The campaign has been a huge success, with viewers indeed, staying, in record numbers.   

  • 6M Minutes watched
  • 182,837 Total video completions reached with an average watch time of 18.02s (38% higher than platform benchmark).
  • 6s VVR At 15% (50% higher than Hilton benchmark)
  • 2.17% Engagement rate, 2% higher than platform benchmark