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Hendrick’s imaginative brand world is one of its most distinctive features that sets it apart in an incredibly competitive category. We transported Londoners to this exciting world during the dullest time of the day: their commute. Our Portal to the Peculiar site stimulated conversation and sharing with an additional 2.2 million people seeing our campaign on social channels.


We set out to transform Londoners’ daily slog through the corridors of King’s Cross, one of the capital’s busiest stations. We reimagined this traditional media site as a “Portal to the Peculiar” using a 1,000 square metre vinyl wrap. We covered the floors and walls of the 74 meter long tunnel with illustrations of floating beluga whales, hot air balloons and dapper gentlemen atop unicycles, all high above the clouds. Visitors were invited to “Escape the Conventional and Embrace the Delectable.”

Londoners found their commute delightfully disrupted, with hundreds stopping to snap photos and share images of the peculiar world on social media. Travel guides such as Lonely Planet featured it as a must-visit in the city. We even heard reports of some commuters changing their regular routes to step inside our refreshing world.

The Numbers

Hendrick’s Gin transported London commuters into their unique brand world via a “Portal to the Peculiar.”

  • 1st immersive campaign proved to be a potent brand experience.
  • 409,000 Busy London commuters transported into the peculiar world of Hendrick’s Gin.
  • 248,000 Social media impressions lead to an additional 2.2 million opportunities for people to see the campaign on social channels.
  • 60% positive sentiment score on social media posts compared with just 2% negative score