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When it comes to issues relating to individuality and sexuality, Nigerian society can be intolerant. Budweiser created a platform that offered support for the country’s marginalised youth. We helped the King of Beers show Nigerians that embracing who they are is what really makes someone a king.


Budweiser set out to encourage Nigerians to show off their personalities in a society determined to restrict such expression. The campaign kicked off with a video of young Nigerian artists and personalities dressed in pieces from The King’s Stitch Collection, a wardrobe designed by two groundbreaking Nigerian designers. They had been commissioned by Budweiser to make a fashion statement of confidence and freedom which was reinforced by taglines in the video such as “Unfollow the norm” and “Why fit in when I can stand out.”

The campaign was amplified with radio mentions, cinema placements, TV partnerships, and digital out-of-home promotions that helped spread the King’s Stitch message. These placements featured the personalities featured in the ad, with taglines such as “Our dreams are valid” and “No clichés allowed.”


Budweiser’s fashion-focused campaign encouraged young Nigerians to express themselves in the face of an often-hostile society.

  • 100% Sold out the entire King’s Stitch Collection in a matter of days
  • 1000+ interactions - garnered high levels of engagement on Twitter with one Twitter thread