POV: Google now supports logo schema markup for including logos in knowledge graph

Google recently announced the ability for brands to suggest their preferred logo using the Organization schema.  This data suggestion will help dictate which image is used within Google’s Knowledge Graph. This enhancement includes information relevant to search queries without requiring users to visit a listing within the search results and commonly appears to the right of organic search results.

Brands can implement this logo identification method using Schema.org markup, an extended markup language, to communicate additional details about the content published on their website to the search engines.

The code required is relatively easy to implement and can be done by adding itemprop=“logo” to the <img> tag of the logo image. While this data is sometimes included within the organic listings (ex. author picture displayed to the left of their article’s listing), Google only intends on displaying this content within the right column Knowledge Graph results for the foreseeable future.

This new inclusion supports the idea that Google intends to expand the data displayed within the Knowledge Graph. The ability to influence the image displayed proves advantageous for several branding situations.

  1. The inclusion of a logo within the Knowledge Graph results allow brands to control additional search listing real estate for their brand and move “People also searched for” results lower on the page. This section of the Knowledge Graph can sometimes reference competitors.
  2. When brands change their logo, displaying the new logo within Google’s Knowledge Graph will help inform searchers.
  3. If a brand changes its name, connecting the old name to the new brand logo can also help support rebranding efforts.

For additional information, read the full iProspect POV on What Google’s Support of Schema.org Logo Data Means for Brands.