Our Work



The Reality

Rapid expansion in the smart speaker industry has brought both niche speaker brands and global tech magnates into heavy competition. Sonos, an early innovator and industry challenger, set out to increase its market share by creating a direct-to-consumer campaign featuring its superior sound quality. Our challenge was to showcase Sonos’ brand values and connect the brand with consumers seeking out quality sound – in the right moments and within the right mindset. A not so simple task...resonating with sound aficionados amongst a cacophony of industry noise!


OOH - We used out-of-home advertising placed in iconic music locations such as the Opera Station and Philharmonie in Paris, the Hamburg docks, and cultural settings from Copenhagen to Chicago.

Podcasts - We partnered with popular podcast hosts, specifically those who were Sonos fans, to give authentic testimonials to their audiences about the sound quality of Sonos products.

Brilliant Sound hubs - We worked with partners to create bespoke Brilliant Sound hubs, each designed to draw audiences into the Sonos premium sound environment. MDN

The Numbers


increase in awareness due to OOH strategy


uplift in consumers associating Sonos with superior sound quality resulting from podcast sponsorships


Prime users clicked to view the Brilliant Sound hub on Amazon Prime


growth in Sonos’ direct-to-consumer proposition in just 6 months