Breaking new ground with #DawnofApes

The Challenge

Fox wanted to build on the success of iProspect’s campaign for Prometheus two years before, by breaking new ground with their social media approach to make Dawn of the Planet of the Apes one of the ‘must see’ films of the year.

Fox knew that Twitter would be central to their movie’s success, and asked iProspect to get promoted tweets working harder than ever before, using social media to capitalise on a major outdoor and TV campaign to achieve new levels of reach and engagement with the movie’s target audience.

The Strategy

Rising to the challenge, we pushed boundaries with a technically and strategically inventive three-stage Twitter campaign, using Twitter’s TV targeting and keywords in timeline to target the right audiences, at the right time, in real time, creating a fully joined-up, live interactive experience and a sustained conversation.  

First, we strategically hijacked the Channel 4’s showing of ‘The Hunger Games’ on 21 June. An initial tweet went out from @ApesMoviesUK at 4pm on that day, telling audiences to look out for a #DawnofApes exclusive during an ad break in the middle of the movie. A second tweet from Channel 4 then brought the interactive element into play by inviting viewers to vote for their choice of follow-up TVC - #ApesStory or #HumanStory.

Secondly, a movie clip aired during the first half of the Live World Cup Semi Final, with viewers having the opportunity to have their tweet featured in a follow-up TV ad if they reviewed the first TV clip and shared #DawnofApes.

The aftermath tweet then harnessed this buzz to share the full film trailer, using Twitter’s latest card product at the time – Video Cards. This allowed us to promote real-time native video content and report back on the % video views, a BETA at the time.

The third element of our interactive broadcast campaign involved a partnership between Big Brother and #DawnofApes on Channel 5. We used conversation and TV targeting to harness the chatter around a Big Brother Dawn of Apes-style post-apocalyptic survival challenge. Our tweet went live in real-time to viewers of the show, driving them to the film booking microsite.

We supported our campaign with some outdoor/social integration: promoting a geo-targeted tweet to Londoners amplifying awareness of the Martin Firrell #DawnofApes-inspired exhibition, #itendshere. Towards the end of the campaign PS live created projections on London City Hall and Edinburgh Castle, which we subsequently promoted. 

The Results

  • 524%

    Above click through & engagement rate benchmarks

  • 270k


  • 3.6M

    Impressions overall

  • #1

    #DawnofApes Trended worldwide on night of ITV World Cup activity

Overall, we served 3.6 million impressions and drove over 270,000 engagements, with our average click through rates and engagement rates up by +270,000 clicks surpassing our benchmarks by 524% (7.5% v 1.4%). Our Cost Per Clicks and Cost Per Engagements outstripped benchmarks by 253% (over 276,000 engagements). Our activity trended in the UK and during the ITV World Cup activity #DawnOfApes also trended worldwide. 

The #DawnofApes Twitter activation allowed us to harness the huge reach and impact of our broadcast campaign with real-time responses from the move-going public. In turn, iProspect amplified the excitement from the ATL activity through smart real time audience targeting, that enabled us to make the most of our broadcast and outdoor stunts. The overall social campaign far exceeded our expectations, which was exemplified by #DawnofApes trending worldwide during the World Cup Semi-Final.
Sarah Francis Senior Promotions Manager, Fox Marketing