This year at Cannes Lions, we sent two of our team members out to France to gain insights from thought leaders in the industry and capture the Global launch of iProspect create.

Ahead of the launch Lauren and Meera (our two front line reporters) caught up with the UK’s Managing Partner Paul Adams, Denstu Aegis Network CEO Jerry Buhlmann and Andrew Hirsch, CEO of our latest acquisition John Brown.

They interviewed them all individually around topics such as innovation (and what that might look like in the next 12 months), challenges they have faced in the industry, what they are most excited about this year at Cannes Lions and much more.

Cannes - Day 1

This is our first year at Cannes Lions, so we were extremely excited to board our plane at London Heathrow on Tuesday morning.

After a shaky landing and an unwelcome diversion to Marseille, we finally made our way to Cannes and found ourselves a glass of rosé each (apparently you have to drink rosé when in Cannes – but who’s complaining?) and then got an early night.

Today we started early as we couldn’t wait to start filming and capturing insights to share with everyone back in the UK and around the world. 

We kicked off with a walk along the Croisette, capturing some great footage as we made our way past many beautiful hotels and yachts in the bay. 


Along our tour of the Croisette we spotted our friends Spotify and Yahoo (who hosted some fabulous parties last night) and then made our way to the DAN Beach house. We have some great neighbours too, with Google and Twitter based either side of us.

On arrival at 11am, we set ourselves up in the shade ready to begin our interviews, kicking off with Paul Adams, who was then quickly followed by Jerry Buhlmann and Andrew Hirsch. 


We gained different insights from each of the interviews, but what did become apparent very early on, is how heavily focused the industry is going to be on content in the next 12 months.

It was also very interesting to see how as an agency iProspect are integrating their different skills sets across not only the network, but the world too – which you can hear more about tomorrow from Andrew Hirsch’s interview, where he discusses data driven insights and how they’re impacting creative performance.