google shopping

Take full advante of your e-commerce with Google Shopping functionalities

We are immersed in a completely digitalized environment. Since the e-commerce solutions are in a constant growth process, we are continuously discovering new user acquisition solutions.

Data confirm that. The number of online shops has increased in +21% since the last year and it is expected to double by the year 2018.

According to the Consumer Barometer, more of 57% of the Spanish population go searching in Google before shopping online. 47% of them start their online shop process with a Google advertisement.

Multi devices purchases are taking importance in every place and every moment so the customer journey is now more complex. It is getting more difficult than ever to follow the entire journey.

In this context, we identify two valuable and complementary situations. On one hand we have the consumer transformation and his behavior, and on the other, the challenge that means to be immersed in this particular process.

What is Google Shopping?

As a result of finding new ways to make the e-commerce more competitive, Google Shopping launches a new alternative designed to raise earnings for the advertisers.

Google Shopping is a Google service characterized by one click online sale and buy process. This click points to the advertiser website.

Going into greater detail, we enhance one of the Google Shopping particularities. It is not needed to create one ad per product. With the product listing ads, the picture, title, price, promotional message and e-commerce name are automatically included. 

e-comerce con google shopping

Google Shopping use the product information from the advertiser feed file in order to position and display the product (tex+image) for the users. This can generate more visits to the site, increase the incomes and build loyalty.

How can we do the implementation?

First of all, we need to generate and synchronize the product feed with Google Merchant.

Product feed is crucial for reaching the website users instead of using keywords for showing the ads. However, it is necessary to include negative keywords to narrow the user search queries.

Beside the feed connection, it is important to take care of the images and text as a conversion factor to our site.

In conclusion, it is important to generate and adapt a relevant content to the most appropriate time. This will enable us to improve the results and offer a customized user experience.