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More bookings with personalization page title Transavia

Personalization of the page title in case of inactivity leads to more bookings


We saw a high drop-off on the Flight Search & Select page. Many visitors are still exploring when they visit the website and start their first search. They probably compare prices on multiple sites. Only 21% of the visitors clicked through to the next page. Various studies (both surveys and usability surveys) show that visitors often try to find the best deal through multiple sites during booking. For example, they often search through websites such as Skyscanner, but also open the websites of the various airlines. The challenge is to convert more people who are comparing.


For users who switch to another tab, we change the page title to one personalized and relevant text, allowing us to draw their attention again. because of this more users will return to the website and complete their booking.

The page title of the Flight Search & Select page is always "Book a flight", even when the visitor opens another tab. This page title is not unique. By changing the page title into a text that matches the search made, we expect to get more visitors back on the website and then complete the booking. We tested 4 variants a / b for a sample size of 1.5 million visitors in 7 languages on both tablet and desktop.


Extra full flights


Culture differences: We saw interesting differences between the languages / countries. The Dutch are more susceptible to scarcity and urgency (number of chairs) and French people are more sensitive to showing comparison information (the price). Returning visitors: We did not see any significant differences between the default page and the variants regarding the return of visitors after seeing the page title when inactivity. Personalization: The most important conclusion is that by showing a page title that contains information about the executed search (personalization) visitors are more inclined to complete their booking. This resulted in more than 52% more than expected with 122 extra full flights.
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About Transavia

Transavia is a budget airline that was founded in 1965. We fly to more than 100 destinations in Europe and we also fly to destinations in North Africa and Asia (Dubai). Transavia is part of the AIR FRANCE KLM Group.