Online marketing tools combined and used to track store visits and thus gain insights into the effectiveness of online marketing efforts.



Action is a retailer that does not yet have a webshop. As such, the main goal is to drive people to brick and mortar stores. The challenge was to figure out the correct and appropriate online marketing channels to boost store visits and sales in Action stores. In this market of increased selection and competition its a challenge to target potential customers effectively while retaining existing customers. The Action stores are all set in different geographical locations. As such, a traditional marketing campaign would be too broad in targeting. It is important to be able to adjust the marketing strategy smoothly in different situations, geographical locations and for different target audiences.


The campaign resulted in an 18% annual sales growth in France, while the online presence also ensured the store visit rate was 3x higher than benchmark in both the Netherlands and Germany.


Nominated for DAN Innovation Awards – Category Fulfilling the new potential of Media

Nominated for Drum Search Awards

Insight & Strategy

We aimed to come up with solutions where insights into real people would drive a strategy that combines the discipline of media effectiveness with the innovation that connects with audiences in different and better ways to deliver positive business outcomes for clients and their brands.

Based on insights gathered on target audiences around the stores, through Google store visits data and location data, we were able to determine the right online channels to use, which localized ads to use (through A/B ad testing), and which keywords in Google would grant the highest number of store visits, while also pointing the customer to the nearest store location.