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Paid Search Trends 2018 Q2

The biggest paid search trends in Q2 across industries like retail, pharma, CPG, finance and more.

iProspect’s Paid Search Trends infographic for 2018 Q2 is a great visual overview on how things landed this past quarter.


After great improvements in Click-Through-Rate (CTR) in Q1 2018, CTR dropped minimally in Q2, proving brands’ abilities to scale, while maintaining strong engagement. CPCs increase slightly QoQ, driven by increased competition during the summer months in numerous verticals, a trend we’ve seen in previous years as well. Additionally, Bing market share continued to climb, making up more than a quarter of overall search impression volume. Google continues to dominate the search market, but brands should take advantage of both engines as they’ve seen significant improvements in audience targeting over the past year.


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