The fragmentation of consumer intent is driving a significant change in consumer behaviour. Product searches are moving to marketplaces and digital retail. Each of these touchpoints has a distinct role in the consumer journey. We help brands develop game-changing strategies that respond to shifting consumer behaviour, adapt to unique marketplace characteristics, and perform across all platforms.

Our Approach

Our commerce solution starts with leveraging consumer intent across marketplaces, retail spaces, and within brands’ websites. This holistic framework is critical in driving business performance. Then, using information collected by our proprietary data and activation platform, we can understand subtle and real time nuances and guide brands to greater performance at a global scale.

We all know eCommerce is driving growth. The real question is what is driving growth within eCommerce? Brands need real-time answers with clear understanding, prioritization and optimization of these growth drivers so that they can perform on a truly global scale.
Rohan Philips Chief Product Officer, iProspect


iProspect Commerce

Delivering an Effective Commerce Strategy


iProspect, first Criteo sponsored agency & previous Hooklogic advisory member, continues to be the global leader on client spend & engagement across key brands such as: Microsoft, Philips, Diageo and many others.
Nicole Kivel Head of UK Brand & Agency

Breaking Ground

With New Shopping Campaign Structure

Through our improved funnelling, we achieved an almost complete share of possible impressions for our branded search terms, ensuring that we reach all athletes searching for Under Armour sports performance apparel and footwear in an efficient way.
Lauren Geenen Search Marketing Specialist - Under Armour EU
iProspect is concentrating on marketplace optimiziation, is an authorized vendor of Alibaba Brand Data Bank, and the award-winning agency for Best Use of Brand Data Bank in a recent case.
Meg Chen Head of UniMarketing Strategic Partnership Center

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