Pfizer Vi-Siblin

Integrated marketing concept boosted sales.

The Challenge

Pfizer’s Vi-Siblin is a daily fiber preparation for sensitive stomach. The market is saturated with remedies, with direct competitors, various natural products and focus on older citizens’ needs dominating the debate.

The challenge was to stand out from this diverse array of products by taking a fresh, positive approach that would elevate Vi-Siblin’s market position and ultimately increase sales.

Sales YOY


Brand awareness


Pfizer's courage to shake up the generic market brought a whole new concept to pharmaceutical advertising. The multichannel campaign, with tailor-made materials for each channel and a well-designed remarketing plan for the entire time, was significantly different from traditional clinical print media and television awareness.

Audience reach


The Strategy

Our rather extensive preliminary research included brand awareness and the attitudes, interests, expectations and media behaviour of potential audiences.

Because Vi-Siblin is a relatively clinical low-interest pharmacy product, we saw an opportunity to use storytelling and video narration to excite the imaginations of our audience in a novel, creative way.

We developed Feelings and Fragrances, a fictional soap series designed to work in a variety of formats, from 20-meter movie screens to small mobile screens.

We customised video episodes to different channels in different lengths with dozens of different cuts, taking into account the specifics of each channel, interests of targeted audiences, and even seasons of the year.

Search engine marketing was an integral part of the campaign. The team also benefited from agile learning: you learn from successful words at SEM as part of software shopping strategies. Searches in the topic area increased significantly during the campaign, so more budget was also allocated to keyword advertising.

Following the results of the first few weeks of the campaign, we further refined the target group for the remainder of the two-month campaign, based on the most product interested in all available digital channels.