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Feed Management


We believe data-driven automated solutions are the future of digital marketing. Our offering in the feed management space powers multi-channel success to make brands stand out in this highly competitive environment. We cover the whole cycle, from cleaning data and planning across different touchpoints, to tracking and optimising performance.

We combine automation, expertise and additional data sources to feed the right information to the most receptive audiences.


Wherever people buy, review and compare products, we make sure our clients are there, with up-to-date feeds and partnerships. We have a robust process for feed set up and optimisation, which ensures our clients’ feeds include all the relevant information in the best possible format, so that their products and ads are promoted to the right people when they are shopping and searching. Our Feed Management team works closely with Search, Display and Affiliate Marketing teams to drive results across visibility, leads and sales.


We combine automation, expertise and additional data sources to feed the right information to the most receptive audiences. We leverage a number of tools, including our own iActivate and external platforms, to ensure our clients’ feeds are not only fully optimised but consistently up to date. Created 11 years ago and currently operating for 100+ clients across more than 500 accounts, iActivate enables us to easily create and update feeds from brands’ inventory data and to fully customise the set-up to maximise performance. We also collaborate with trusted external partners to manage and optimise brands’ feeds in a consistent and effective way.


  1. No feed limitations

    iActivate connects to client’s feed regardless of type, size and location of the feed.

  2. Enriched data

    All data is optimised and enriched with iActivate business logic. Manual optimisations are done for in-feed exceptions that don’t fit into standard logic. The data is exported to the channels when feed is ready.

  3. Customised set-up

    Content creation is done in iActivate and adjusted to the client’s needs. Setup is fully customised, including campaign and ad group splitting, messaging for advertisement and preparations for reporting.

  4. Optimisation at scale

    iActivate drives efficiency through detailed optimisations that can easily be scaled, increasing both relevance and reach to maximise ROI.