Koton SEO Projesi

Koton is one of the leading fashion retailers in Turkey. They have about 400 stores across 25 countries. Koton.com was launched in last quarter of 2015

Challenge & Strategy

When users searched "brand+generic" keywords, queries didn't match the right landing pages and these queries were the ones where Koton was getting majority of their traffic from.  On the other hand Koton also didn't appear on the first page of organic results for majority of their generic KWs as well. So there has been a fundamental visiblity and SEO quality problem.  

Sub Category Page Optimization Results

  • 924%

    Online Traffic Increase coming from subcategory pages

  • 488%

    Organic Transaction Increase for subcategories

  • 510%

    Organic Revenue Increase for subcategories

Solution & Results

We decided that sub categories needed to be improved to get better results by handling duplication issues, increasing number of internal links and reorganizing the KWs on the website which led us to impressive positive results and significant improvement on the health and success of the site