Decathlon Omnichannel Ölçümleme

Decathlon's 2018 vision revolves around implementing omnichannel solutions across all of its markets. iProspect has enough sources and dedication to help Decathlon not just a client also as a partner.

Challenge & Strategy

Decathlon is a giant retail brand in Turkey. Most of our digital ad activites, result both on online and offline conversions. Decathlon wanted to know, if these online campaigns really effect offline sales.

Decathlon has omnichannel vision across their sales channels. Some of their high value and long term considered products are mostly selling through retail stores instead of online. Consideration period can climb up to 6 months.   However, in order to reach these users, traditional media buying would not be enough.  We needed to use online marketing channels besides offline. Also great targeting and scaling abilities of online channels would generate better outcome.

Online ROAS

  • 16.8%

    Online ROAS

  • 9.8%

    Offline ROAS

  • 26.6%

    Omnichannel ROAS

Solution & Results

Conversion window for store visit had been set for 30 days.  Analyzed data showed us that all campaigns increased our omnichannel ROAS by 58% compared to only online ROAS.  Search and Shopping ads are in particularly performed better on online as those usually sit on mid-lower marketing funnels. However, more branded solutions for upper funnel marketing tactics, resulted with higher offline ROAS rate than online peers. With this result, we were able to underline omnichannel effect on product sales with longer consumer journeys.

First, we had to show our location in our both branded and generic user searches. Decathlon was one of the first brands which uses new store visit feature that helps brands to scale omnichannel sales revenue. Integration of store visit data, included with average basket value and store conversion rate, we could calculate the effect. We then could attribute this data to online media channels in order to find which campaigns, targetings and creatives. Then we could optimize whichever campaign brings optimum omnichannel revenue.