América Latina encontra sua voz

Uma nova porta de entrada dos consumidores

In an era where customers hold the power over brands and demand increasing personalization to meet their individual needs, iProspect’s mission is to get to know them and anticipate what they will ask for next. It became crystal clear in 2018 that the Latin American consumer is ready and eager to use high-end technologies for commerce. Our study about the role of Voice technology in branding and commerce, the first such study in the region, proves that. iProspect is here to help brands walk this new path, develop their future customer journeys, and be the first to close the gap between what consumers want and how brands can meet their wants.

One of the greatest market disruptors of the last 18+ months is Voice technology and its known array of digital assistants. Voice is changing both consumers´ relationships with brands and marketers’ craft. The proliferation of this new technology is delivering convenience and has the potential to result in truly personalised brand customer journeys. In markets like the US, we’ve already seen a drastic shift in e-commerce for those who have tested buying via Voice. According to eMarketer, 58% of those between 18 – 34 who have bought something via Voice are now making fewer in-store purchases.

This new technology is not a trend. It is a new way for people to communicate with brands and is of the utmost interest for iProspect. Two years ago, we began a series of efforts across the globe to better understand how this new technology is being used, as well as innovating and testing its use and potential. To date, we have surveyed several markets in North America, EMEA and APAC, and most recently we conducted the first Latin America study. Our survey of 4,000 mobile users in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina and Chile revealed several positive surprises that we are sharing here for the first time.