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One of the key difficulties for PostNL is the very strong fluctuation in available vacancies over time, caused by seasonality and high turnaround rates for part-timers. In addition, vacancies are available in a number of regions, cities and villages and had to be filled by people living in close to the location of the job offer. Thirdly a large variety in job types or titles had to be covered. Last but not least the orientation for part-time jobs is often quite generic.

The Results

Fulfilling applications


Locations in The Netherlands


Our solution resulted in achieving the target of fulfilling 10.000 applications in 800 locations. We saved -50% hours, time which we now spend on smart optimizations instead of standardized manual work.




The only way to advertise real-time on a strongly fluctuating number of vacancies, jobs types and regions is by using a data feed as the basis for online advertising. By connecting the data feed with iActivate, our in-house API solution, we created smart technology to automatically create and update campaigns based on the real-time job offering in the HR data feed.

In addition, the set-up of clever scripts further automated the campaigns, for example connecting the data feed with Google Maps to automate specific location targeting. These features positively increase relevance as the orientation for (part-time) jobs is often quite generic.

Innovation & Solution

Real-time online presence only on available vacancies by using the data feed as the basis for the real-time offer. Put simply: a new vacancy today is online presence today and a vacancy filled today results in no more online presence today. Furthermore the API resulted in the automated creation of campaigns, ad groups, keywords and very specific ad copy covering all types of jobs and regions, through one single template. By adding a script that connects to Google Maps, we are able to automatically target very specific regions when search intent is generic. For example when Tom is searching for ‘part-time jobs’ while being in Amsterdam, he will see an ad tailored to Amsterdam.

In addition to the set-up, we implemented extra features to maximize control and insights. The ability to define high priority vacancies in the feed to ensure maximum visibility of a vacancy that needs to be filled quickly illustrates this perfectly. So does the automated count and visualization of the number of available vacancies and regions over time to explain trends in traffic and conversion volume.

Due to the quickly changing local recruitment needs for PostNL, the local search campaigns became more and more time consuming to manage by hand. After asking iProspect on how to decrease these hours, so we could do more clever stuff during this time, we started setting up iActivate. By automating the growing number of local recruitment search campaigns of PostNL, we decreased the management hours significantly.”

Glen Zoeteweij

Online Marketing Consultant @ PostNL Online

A digital recruitment solution for PostNL

HR-Solution: The use of a data feed, API and smart scripting to fully automate real-time advertising on a strongly fluctuating number of vacancies, job types and regions