Future Focus 2018 - The New Machine Rules

The transformative impact of Voice, AI, and Machine Learning

The transformative impact of Voice, AI, and Machine Learning is being felt across the entire business landscape. Emerging markets are leapfrogging the West in the utilization of technology and platforms. The constant introduction of new transaction opportunities has fragmented consumer attention like never before. Many undercurrents lie ahead for those businesses that wish to thrive.

iProspect interviewed 250 global iProspect clients on the key challenges they face in 2018 and the priorities for growing their businesses in a fast-moving, high expectation Digital Economy.

  • 55% of marketers surveyed agree that Machine Learning will allow them to make better decisions, and 53% believe it will allow them to deliver personalized content at scale.
  • 56% of marketers said that effectively managing large data sets is their main priority in 2018, while 48% are looking to build a strategy for Voice search and digital assistants.
  • In order to close the gap between customer expectation and reality, marketers will need to shift from a traditional channel-centric operating model to a customer-centric one in 2018. This will mean building truly integrated experiences and leveraging data and technology effectively.
  • Consumers are turning more of their day-to-day decisions over to digital assistants, and this will, in turn, transform how information is accessed.

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