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Key Points from the Awin Report 2019

Awin recently published its report for 2019. If you’ve come across the previous Awin Report’s, you’ll know that it’s insightful, through provoking and provides a compelling overview of the affiliate channel. I had the honour this year to contribute to a market Q&A, for the UK, alongside some of the industry’s brightest stars (see page 146 of the report).

I've summarised some of the key points found in the report below. 

Sales via Mobile:

In the UK, the number of sales that take place on mobile currently stands at 49%, that said, our friends on the other side of the Channel in France, see a rate of 28%, and in Germany mobile sales are a fraction lower at 27%. It can be argued that due to the high percentage of people who own a smartphone in each county 77% in the UK, 71% in France and 75% in Germany, more people are likely to convert via mobile.

However, looking outside of Europe – Brazil have 67% of adults with a smartphone, but 30% of sales through mobile, and in Switzerland 84% of adults have a smartphone and 16% of sales through mobile. There is of course some correlation, but lower conversion rates outside of EU could relate to the quality of the mobile site and consumer confidence.

US Reliance on Loyalty and Cashback:

The US over-indexes with loyalty and cashback, accounting for 43% of overall sales. In comparison, the key markets globally have a 30% share of sales via a voucher code. This means that in the US three quarters of sales are driven by loyalty or cashback.

The UK currently has 35% sales share in loyalty and cashback publishers. Both the UK and the US under-index slightly in content with 9% and 4% respectively, which I suspect is largely due to the success of the publishers each market and the accelerated growth over the years. That same cannot be said for Australia, who deliver a whopping 57% share of their sales through content publishers.

ITP 2.0 has Global Impact:

Whilst reading the Awin report ‘ITP 2.0’ or ‘Intelligent Tracking Prevention’ came up a number of times. The impact ITP is having on the industry is global and this is recognised time and time again, and certainly shouldn’t be downplayed in importance. Read a short post I wrote about ITP 2.0

I’d like to thank everyone involved in producing such a great resource for the industry. Download your copy of the Awin report.