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iProspect’s CES 2022 & The Future of Tech Report

New technologies change the way consumers interact with the world around them and with each other. Two years into the global pandemic and ideas and products have emerged that reimagine how we do things in our new way of living. 2022 will be an interesting year for the tech industry, as we will see more of proactive product development versus the reactionary pivots that we saw in 2021. 

The pandemic continues to place more emphasis on certain industries based on how our society has needed to connect, work, and shop from afar. There is an accelerated attention towards more practical products and applications that fulfill our near-future needs; however, we still have our eye on conceptual tech ideas and a far-future imagined. CES presents an enormous opportunity for brands to add value to their overall customer experience – it’s not about finding the next big thing, but about how that thing is going to change the future of brand marketing. We’ve identified some of the latest technologies and how they can be applied to current business challenges, grounding emerging trends with consumer insight and understanding to test the right technologies today - and preparing brands for tomorrow.

iProspect’s CES 2022 & The Future of Tech Report includes: 

  • Tech trends to watch for 2022
  • Virtual show floor tour presented by Yahoo and MediaLink
  • Two episodes of “dentsu @CES Unscripted” podcast series
  • dentsu x The Verge | CES 2022 virtual session

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