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Google Marketing Platform

It was announced on Wednesday 27th June 2018 that the Google DoubleClick and GA360 products are being unified into a single suite of products called the ‘Google Marketing Platform’.

Google will be sunsetting the DoubleClick brand, and the products will be renamed:

  • DoubleClick Bid Manager will be renamed ‘Display and Video 360’

  • DoubleClick Search will be renamed ‘Search Ads 360’

  • DoubleClick Campaign Manager will be renamed simply ‘Campaign Manager’

    • Eventually Google’s plan is to fold all DCM, Studio, and Audience Centre capabilities into ‘Display and Video 360’

This is an exciting development as iProspect are one of very few companies in the UK that will be a fully certified Partner from launch.

For more information, please reach out to the iProspect DoubleClick team directly via the Contact Us page, or alternatively follow the link below to read the official Google Marketing Platform blog announcement.