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Examining the Reality of Economic Downturn at the Intersection of Brand and Performance

In the current economic climate, inflation has become a major concern for businesses and consumers alike. Cost inflation in the media industry is driven by an increase in demand for advertising from brands, leading to higher costs for advertisers. Brands must now pay more for the same inventory, reducing their reach for the same budget. This presents a challenge for businesses that rely on sales of disposable goods and could lead to difficulty for brands trying to remain viable.


In the face of inflationary pressures, it is crucial for brands to focus on not just survival, but on implementing strategies that will improve efficiency and position the company for long-term success. Brands that take proactive steps to address inflationary pressures will be more competitive in the market. It is also important for businesses to exercise caution and restraint in decision-making, as cutting brand or performance marketing during a recession can be a risky strategy.


Marketers must navigate the balancing act between short-term revenue generation and long-term brand building. A combination of brand and performance marketing can help achieve both goals and increase market share. Brand marketing efforts such as rebranding, creating engaging content, and developing a strong social media presence help establish a strong foundation for the brand. Performance marketing focuses on driving direct and measurable actions, such as website visits and sales, and can be achieved through paid advertising, search engine optimization, and email marketing campaigns. Brands should closely monitor the effectiveness of their marketing efforts and adjust as necessary to ensure they get the best return on investment. By striking a balance between brand and performance marketing, brands can increase market share and ensure long-term success.


Issue Two of iProspect’s Brand and Performance Series helps brands stay ahead of the curve and gain a comprehensive understanding of the current state of media cost inflation. With the economy recovering from the pandemic, the imbalance between brand demand for advertising and the supply of audiences is driving media cost inflation, affecting both businesses and consumers. 


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