Earth Day 2020

iProspect to Help Plant 4.2 Million Trees in 2022

Advertising that builds a better society is at the core of what we do. At iProspect, we are committed to improving our environmental footprint and to give back to society, which is why for the last four years, we have worked closely with Microsoft.

The Microsoft Advertising Syndication Network delivers game-changing work globally to an immensely wide audience. An added benefit is that Microsoft partners closely with Ecosia, a search engine based in Berlin, Germany, that donates 80% or more of its profits to non-profit organizations that focus on reforestation.

To date, iProspect's global spend on the Microsoft Advertising syndication network has meant that we have been able to help plant 4.2 million trees across the world in locations such as Indonesia, Kenya, Colombia, and Burkina Faso. Our goal is to get this number to 6.3 million by the end of 2022.

"Microsoft is a key global partner for iProspect globally, and through our joint initiative with Ecosia, together we can ensure that our clients and our people both recognise media's potential for good and know they are helping to contribute globally to our planet's wellbeing," saidMisty Locke, Global CMO, iProspect.

Adrian Cutler, Director of Global Agency at Microsoft Search Advertising added,

"Our global collaboration with iProspect has been incredible to date and I am so pleased that with the leaned-in approach with Microsoft Advertising, utilising our syndication partner Ecosia, iProspect have had a truly significant impact on our planet. They are literally helping the world to breathe.”

Whilst off-setting is one of the ways we’re able to help clients address the climate emergency within their campaigns, we also understand the significance and necessity of removing carbon from ad supply chain altogether.  Our own global research, conducted alongside Microsoft Advertising, shows how consumers are no longer willing to allow a lack of action to stand and are prepared to be heard through their purchasing power. The research showed that within a year, 3 in 5 people will start to boycott brands who don’t act on climate change. For more information and to see additional results and analysis from the study, please download a free copy of the The Rise of Sustainable Media report at: