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Cannes Lions Rewind

The Power of Creative Intersections at Cannes Lions 2023

If Cannes taught us anything this year, it’s that the impact of digitally driven creativity extends far beyond the confines of marketing channels. Just as it permeates media, consumer experiences, and commerce, the stories you tell must seamlessly integrate into every facet of your brand’s online and offline touchpoints.  

At iProspect, we are no stranger to this approach. Through the power of tech-enabled insights and proven experiences, we craft solutions for our clients that meet their consumer’s needs. As we reflect on Cannes Lions 2023, we saw firsthand the transformative influence of horizontal creativity, urging advertisers to break free from traditional boundaries and immerse themselves in every step of their audience's journey. 

Dentsu’s Cannes Lions 2023 Rewind Report explores five key trends that emerged from the most notable award-winning work and the discussions help among industry leaders at this year’s festival. Here’s our take on how advertisers can incorporate these learnings into their media strategies. 


Turning Constraint into Opportunity

In a dynamic and ever-evolving marketplace, where market pressures, political climates, and unprecedented circumstances shape the business landscape, brands must embrace constraints as catalysts for innovation and ingenuity. Cannes Lions serves as a poignant reminder that resourcefulness, adaptability, and the courage to think outside the box are the cornerstones of success. 

iProspectives: Constraints become a springboard for remarkable campaigns that leave a lasting impact. In any industry, brands can tap into the power of purposeful growth by embracing the digital evolution and finding opportunities to be forces for good. At our core, we believe in real-time optimization, leveraging the right data and analytics to create breakthrough connections that maximize impact while minimizing waste. We plan and build for attentive reach, optimizing towards attention and increasing the effectiveness of media plans.


Bringing Analog Back into a Digital World

The creative energy of Cannes Lions has inspired us to embrace the integration of analog elements into our digital world. In today's era, where digital experiences dominate, brands often blend into the crowded digital landscape. That's precisely why iProspect advocates for bringing analog back. We've witnessed the tangible impact of incorporating physical elements into campaigns, as brands captivate their audience by evoking nostalgia and curiosity. 


iProspectives: By tapping into critical intersections—communities x culture, integration x innovation, and brand x performance—brands can focus on their most important audiences and effectively shift their behaviors, whether online or offline. Integrating these connections enables brands to drive breakthroughs, capture attention, and minimize waste.


Highlighting How Data and Tech-enabled Experiences Can Solve for Human Needs

This year has shown the remarkable adoption rate of ChatGPT garnering significant attention for generative AI in media. This heightened interest naturally led to a substantial portion of the programming at Cannes exploring the impact of rapid technological innovation on human creativity. In response to these concerns, the winning work and entries under consideration by juries prominently emphasized how technology actively contributes to addressing our fundamental human needs.


iProspectives: Brands must recognize the immense value of data-driven insights and technology in comprehending their audience and delivering personalized experiences. By adopting a data insights-led strategy, brands can craft tailored experiences that establish a genuine sense of connection and relevance, resonating on both physical and emotional levels. Our belief lies in leveraging data beyond the obvious and performative, tapping into the signals that reveal a genuine and comprehensive understanding of human behavior. By analyzing attributes, media attitudes, motivation statements, passions, interests, and more, we create a complex, ever-evolving understanding of our consumers. This approach allows us to uncover motivations and key moments that truly matter through deep cultural immersion and genuine understanding.


Cannes Lions 2023 showcased the power of unleashing creativity beyond boundaries, spanning various mediums, customer experiences, and commerce. By leveraging data-driven insights and tech-enabled experiences, while also embracing analog elements, advertisers can meet consumers at the new intersection of media, where advancing technology converges with trusted practices, and constraints transform into opportunities. 


Seen at Cannes

The Ad You Stay In" for Hilton

Submitted by TBWA\Chiat\Day, The Ad You Stay In” is a standout campaign that garnered recognition in the Social & Influencer and Mobile Lions categories. This 10-minute clip not only grabbed attention but also cleverly drew awareness to its own absurdity right from the beginning. Opening with an introduction from none other than Paris Hilton herself, the campaign embraced self-parody and humorously mocked its own length and existence as an advertisement. The comically self-referential approach added an extra layer of engagement, capturing the audience's attention while effectively conveying the brand's message. Through this innovative and self-aware approach, Hilton showcased its ability to captivate viewers and create a memorable experience that transcends traditional advertising conventions.


Dentsu in Conversation

Artful Intelligence and the Power of Prediction

Bruce Williams, EVP of Performance Marketing at dentsu Media US, joined leaders from Google and Meta to discuss the collaboration between humans and AI, moving beyond artificial intelligence to embrace artful intelligence in shaping the future. 


Show Me The Money 

In a thought-provoking session hosted by The Wall Street Journal, Douglas Rozen, CEO of dentsu Media Americas, joined Chrissie Hanson, CEO of OMD USA, to discuss the evolving landscape of the ad business. The conversation delved into the impact of recession fears, persistent inflation, and rising interest rates on the industry. Douglas Rozen emphasized the importance of striking a balance between intelligence-driven approaches and the need for ingenuity.


Full Speed Ahead in Sports Marketing 

This session featured insightful discussions on the power of fandom and its impact on creating deeper customer connections through sports media. The panel included esteemed speakers such as Lando Norris, F1 Driver at McLaren Racing; Zak Brown, CEO of McLaren Racing; Jonnie Cahill, CMO of Heineken US; Cara Lewis, Chief Investment Officer of Dentsu Media US; Magno Herran, VP of Global Marketing Partnerships at Netflix; and Wendell Scott, SVP of Disney/ESPN Advertising Sales. Together, they explored innovative strategies for brands to tap into highly engaged audiences, leveraging touchpoints across various platforms and maximizing the potential of sports media.


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