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BreaktheBias Championing Growth Through Intersectionality

Women are breaking glass ceilings, redefining gender roles, and creating a new world—on their terms. Women’s History Month recognizes women throughout our history whose fight for equality has proven invaluable to society. At iProspect, we are committed to creating a more equitable future for everyone—and we believe it starts by recognizing how intersectional identities affect the way we show up at work and the way we inspire people, creativity, and change. Breaking the bias means amplifying voices and leading the next generation to see their true potential in the workplace. A workplace that is free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination. An environment that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive.


To celebrate women’s history month, we asked our leaders to give examples of how they #BreakTheBias, encourage leadership and allyship and help forge a more equitable future.


Research shows that statistically women and other underrepresented groups have historically not been empowered to share their accomplishments, which contributes to a lack of confidence in seeking higher level roles and other career opportunities. We all have the power to fix this, and it starts with me.

·       As a woman, I advocate for myself by sharing my career accomplishments and goals with my team and my leaders. 

·       As a manager, I advocate for my direct reports to share their accomplishments by making sure they feel safe and supported. I also champion their accomplishments with my peers and leaders and look for opportunities to allow them to shine.

·       As an HR professional, I coach employees at every level to equip them with the tools and resources to share their accomplishments and advocate for their own career goals. 

 First, actively acknowledge the accomplish (big or small) and second, be the advocate that shares the accomplishment. It’s a simple yet incredibly powerful step that will help us all #breakthebias.”

—   Kara Kile, HR Business Partner


“Since joining iProspect, it’s been exciting to see DEI efforts grow within both the agency and at dentsu. A few years ago, I spearheaded the creation of one of the first affinity groups at iProspect, focusing on disability; since then, such business resource groups have grown in membership and number of distinct groups across dentsu. Thank you to all the individuals who raise their hand to create such spaces and the leaders who support this growth.”

—   Lacey Tompkins, Group Director, Digital and Programmatic


Listen in to this special episode of The Human Element, where we celebrate Women's History Month and dive deeper into how our dentsu women leaders #BreaktheBias within the industry. We cover topics that span from leadership styles to personal inspirations as well as opinions on which brands are targeting female audiences well.

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