Audiences in DV360 Whats what

There are a number of different audiences available to you in Display and Video 360, so understandably it can be difficult to figure out which ones to utilise and for which campaigns.

We hope the below will give you a clearer idea of some of the main audiences available, and remember if you still need a little guidance - please reach out to the GMP team at


Affinity audiences 

Affinity audiences are useful to advertisers who are looking to raise awareness and drive consideration among affinity groups that have a strong interest in their products.

Add affinity audiences to your audience targeting to reach people based on their specific interests as they browse pages across the web. Select from a wide range of lists—from "auto enthusiasts" and "sports fans" to "luxury travelers" and "fashionistas"—to show ads to people who are likely to be enthusiasts.


Custom affinity

When using Custom Affinity targeting, enter the interests your audience is likely to have, and then Display & Video 360 will intelligently define an audience without unnecessarily limiting the scale of your campaigns.


In-Market audiences

In-market targeting is useful to advertisers who are looking to raise awareness and drive consideration among people who are "in-market" to purchase a particular type of good or service.

Display & Video 360 offers free in-market audience lists that you can add to your audience targeting to reach people based on their interest in purchasing a type of product as they browse pages across the web.


Custom intent

Custom Intent audiences allow you to go beyond Display & Video 360's predefined In-Market categories and use your own keywords, URLs (websites), and apps to reach specific people as they are making a purchase decision related to your product or service.

For Display campaigns, use Custom Intent (Display, Video) to create a custom intent audience using in-market keywords — simply entering keywords and URLs related to products and services your ideal audience is researching across sites and apps.


Similar audiences

Similar audiences is a simple yet powerful tool for reaching individuals who share interest profiles with your existing customers. By targeting similar audiences, you can reach more potential customers than by targeting only first-party audience lists on their own.

Similar Audiences combines your first-party audience data (such as site visitors or past purchasers), Google’s rich audience data, and an intelligent look-alike modeling algorithm to build a custom audience of users who are likely to engage, click, or convert with your ads.






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