The Challenge

In a space typically owned by mailed circulars and print ads, Staples followed the shifting consumption patterns of their customers, by embracing a digital-centric approach. Staples identified an important opportunity to scale their digital co-op program with clear measurement strategy and by attributing sales credit to vendor products.

The Results

Return on Investment


increase in co-op programs over 4 years


Since 2011, the co-op team has built and managed 150 programs. In 2015, this accounted for a significant increase in overall revenue and vendor-specific SKU sales generated by the team, returning on investment at nearly 2:1. This scale has been possible because of clear measurement and the fact that we can prove sales credit for each dollar invested.

The Strategy

Vendor partners often have their own e-commerce sites and they can choose to spend their dollars elsewhere. A retail co-op allows both Staples and the vendor to enhance their advertising dollars beyond what was available to them to drive their existing .com sales goals. Achieving a positive category level ROI would create success for both Staples and the vendor.

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Staples’ digital co-op program has been a huge success and iProspect has been a fantastic partner. Co-op has given Staples the ability to amplify our media dollars and go to market in a larger sense. We’ve created deeper relationships with the digital marketers at our vendor partners.

Jay Poropatich

Sr. Director, Digital Marketing, Staples


Amplifying media dollars through digital co-op