The Challenge

How to consistently and efficiently connect with unique, qualified consumers in a personalized way is a puzzle every retailer would like to solve. Pier 1 has built its premiere home furnishings on strong, personal relationships with their customers. The brand focuses on providing the decorating inspiration and guidance that helps customers create beautiful, personal spaces in their homes.

Strengthening existing relationships and forging new ones are both business goals that sometimes require trying untested tactics to get out in front of the competition. While Pier 1 was already successful on Pinterest, they wanted to take their Pin game to the next level to help them reach a broader audience, deepen their connection with their existing audience, and drive more targeted traffic to their website. Because of iProspect’s collaborative partnership with Pinterest, Pier 1 was invited to be first-to-market with the social platform’s new One-Tap feature, an alpha test with the potential to provide valuable testing on several fronts.

The Results

increase in Engagement Rate (ER)


increase in Pier 1 Click-through Rate (CTR)


Pier 1 drove increased site traffic and user engagement across all target audiences and categories. In fact, in December 2016, Pinterest identified Pier 1’s campaign as one of the strongest performing campaigns they’d seen to-date with One-Tap, and established the brand’s campaign as the benchmark for success within the home decor industry. Interestingly, though a reduced Engagement Rate was one of the calculated risks associated with the alpha test, it turned out that the One-Tap feature contributed to a substantial increase in the key engagement metric.

more efficient than Pinterest benchmark Click-through Rate (CTR)


The Strategy

Pinterest’s One-Tap feature blends the platform’s aspirational and ecommerce sides by allowing consumers to jump directly from a Pin in their feed to its source site without going through the interim step of enlarging the Pin, thus reducing the steps - and metaphorically, the distance - between the brand and the customer.

Pier 1 and iProspect evaluated the opportunity against the inherent risks of changing the user experience and running an alpha test. While the goal was to achieve a higher CTR, there was concern that cutting out the usual middle step of enlarging the pin might cause a decrease in the engagement rate (ER). iProspect provided data-driven analysis and forecasting based on historical performance and trend data gathered from Pier 1 and other iProspect customer campaigns across a variety of social platforms.

Combining the initial analysis with broader insights about audience demographics and online behaviors, iProspect helped Pier 1 develop a strategy that aligned with the brand’s personalized approach to customer engagement.

The campaign was structured around three integrated targeting tactics. First, the campaign helped Pier 1 reach new audiences based on their interests and intent. Pinterest’s keyword targeting and interest targeting tools were used to reach a unique audience for whom the Pier 1 messages would be highly relevant. Second, the campaign helped Pier 1 reach an even more qualified audience by re-engaging users who had already interacted with the brand. This arm of the campaign used Pinterest’s new re-engager component to retarget users who had previously engaged with relevant paid or organic content by serving them content about same, similar, and complementary products.

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More than ever before, retailers must focus on creating personalized and seamless user experiences from initial engagement to conversion. Pier 1’s goal was to reach a broader audience and enhance the customer experience in a place she was already discovering product. We partnered to implement Pinterest’s One-Tap feature which was aligned with Pier 1’s personalized approach to customer engagement and drove increased site traffic and user engagement.

Caitlin Moncrief

Manager, Paid Social, iProspect

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