The Challenge

NRG is the parent company for many energy brands including Reliant Energy, Green Mountain Energy, Cirro Energy and Penny Wise. NRG needed to make it easier and quicker for new customers to complete the enrollment process on affiliate websites. In the very competitive energy market, they knew success would require a smart use of custom technology, but they did not have the technical resources in-house to solve this challenge.

The Results

increase in enrollment volume


Enrollment process reduced from one week to mere seconds


In just two months, the custom API solution was created which transformed a manual enrollment review process to a near real-time experience. NRG was not only able to retain a key affiliate partner, previously at risk due to the unwieldy enrollment process, but also scaled their affiliate program, bringing on new affiliates and generating more revenue.

The Strategy

As NRG’s business partner since 2010, iProspect has invested the time to get to know their business inside and out. iProspect applied deep business rules (such as industry regulations, legal requirements, enrollment best practices) to the API solution.

Previously, NRG had to review batch files by hand. These files contained detailed information for the enrollee such as their social security number, address and calculated monthly fee based on credit score. With iProspect’s new solution, when a potential customer submits an application on an affiliate website, the API can approve the application based on the business logic in near-real time. In addition, new customers are kept on the affiliate page during the whole enrollment process, creating a better user experience.

Having a technical resource in iProspect, NRG also asked iProspect to manage their affiliate relationships to get the most out of the program.

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Designing custom tools and technology that solve our client’s business problems is a passion of our in-house tech team. When NRG needed an automated solution to reduce enrollment time and increase new customer volume, we created an affiliate API platform that helped our client deliver an incredible ROI.

Nate Ice

VP, Technology, iProspect

NRG Energy

Increasing enrollments through a custom API solution