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Your Display and Video 360 campaign is live what now

newsJanuary 1, 2020

Congratulations on launching your DV360 campaign!

Does your audience segmentation look good? Of course. Have you implemented the appropriate bid strategy for your campaign goal? Certainly. How about uploading a range of dynamic and engaging creatives? Nailed it.

Getting your first DV360 activity live after weeks of discussion and planning is a great feeling - you can see you’re getting some good results towards the overall campaign goal - but now it’s important to make sure that it’s working correctly and achieving the best results it possibly can to reach maximum performance.

Optimising your campaign is how you get the best results from your advertising efforts – and DV360 has some powerful tools to help you achieve this.

Below are a few recommended quick optimisation steps that every campaign can benefit from – no matter what the overall goal.

Checking your ‘Impressions Lost’ statistics

The Impressions Lost tool is useful for gaining a quick insight into why your line items may not be serving impressions. Checking this daily means you can act fast to any early red flags and resolve them as quickly as possible. Just a few reasons for lost impressions are: 

  • Low bids - if your bids are set too low and are unrealistic then they will lose auctions 
  • Frequency limited - finding that middle ground is crucial. High frequency will exhaust your budget too soon, and minimal frequency settings can restrict your budget from spending at all 
  • No eligible creatives - disapproved creatives that are ineligible for impressions

Identify your best-performing line items

Once your campaign has collected enough data, you can then start to identify your best performing line items. Depending on your goal, this could be the most impressions, click or actions.

Once this has been established you can then do more with the budget, allocating the highest bids and budgets to your top performers.

Identifying your best and worst performing line items is easy with DV360 reporting, follow the link below for more information and a guide on creating some of the most basic but insightful reports available:

 Pacing – finding the ‘sweet spot’

One reason that your campaign may be missing out on those valuable impressions is issues with the campaign’s pacing settings – whether that be consuming your entire budget too soon, or restricting it from spending at all.

The three pacing options that are available to you in DV360 are Even, ASAP and Ahead – one way to prevent any under or over spending is with pacing that’s on target to spend the full budget evenly.

A few useful tips are:

  • See what’s limiting line item ads from serving by reviewing each item’s impression loss data chart (see above Checking your ‘Impressions Lost’ statistics) 
    For understanding your Insertion Orders, verify their line items are hitting their caps and increase if not 
    If you notice that there are certain line items spending more budget, increase their budgets slightly to potentially win more impressions. Continue doing this until you find the optimal spending point

Speak to your GMP Executive

Finally, there is no better person to speak to than your dedicated GMP contact, they have the expertise and experience to make sure that you are achieving the absolute best from your GMP platforms.

Whether you have a query about optimisation, current campaign performance, audience targeting or even simply want a second pair of eyes to look at your activity before it goes live, then give them a shout… If they can’t fix the problem, they will always work to find the solution until they can.