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What Are Data-Driven Creatives?

blogJanuary 1, 2024

About Data-Driven Creatives

Data-driven creatives use data from impressions and programmatic buying to tailor ad messages to viewers. For example, you can show one creative message to people located in London and another to people in Manchester. You can swap any element in a dynamic creative, including call-to-action text, the click through URL, images, and more.

The Benefits of Data-Driven Creatives

  • Build creatives efficiently by designing and developing 1 custom format and use the platform tools to swap out the content that populates the ad in real time.
  • No need for multiple unique creatives, simplify trafficking with a single data-driven creative.
  • Serve the most relevant ad by using dynamic rules to tailor your creative content to the viewer on every single impression.
  • Share ideas and simplify workflows between teams, building together in a single, shared workspace.

What Do I Need to Know about Data-Driven Creatives?

Programmatic buying combined with a data-driven creative can deliver more effective and higher performing campaigns but joining the dots between the data and the creative can be a challenge.

Here are three key things to help you do it successfully.

1. Understand all the data that’s available, then select the right data signals.

There is a wealth of additional data signals that could be used for your data-driven creatives, from first-party information collected via floodlight tags on your website, to third-party audience data, to contextual signals about device, location, or media type. Take a deep dive into Display & Video 360 and the other products of Google Marketing Platform to make sure you know what’s available.

2. Work with creative agencies to develop sound creative strategies informed by data.

When developing a programmatic campaign, gather all teams into a single room to build the digital brief together taking into account media, creative, and brand input. Use this input to map out a strategy that everyone is invested in the process and outcome from the start.

3. Drive a collaborative, agile campaign process that involves all vendors and agencies from start to finish. 

In today’s campaign creation process, each party completes their portion and hands it off to the next with little feedback. This prevents communication and transparency between media and creative. To ensure success, marketers should involve all agencies throughout the campaign process and ensure everyone is talking to one another. 

Where Can I Find More Information About Data-Driven Creatives?

If you are thinking about using data-driven creatives but want to make sure you and your team are fully up to date before diving in feet first, there is a free online course that can be accessed at Google’s ‘Academy for Ads’ specifically about data-driven creatives, plus a wealth of knowledge in the Display and Video help center.

Alternatively, you can always reach out to us here at iProspect on for additional information or anything else you may want to discuss!

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