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Platform Updates for Google's Search Ads 360

newsMarch 2, 2022

This article was authored by Alice Wilson, Media Tech Manager, iProspect. 

On 8th February, Google launched a plethora of new features and updates to Search Ads 360, the biggest update in a over a decade. We want to take you through some of the new features, and the reasons why we are so excited for this new era of Search Ads 360.

Faster Navigation with Search Ads 360

The first change to note is the look of the platform, designed to feel more like other platforms to provide a more consistent experience. The new Search Ads 360 allows you to carry out more of your day-to-day tasks in one UI by supporting more of other search engine features.

This update brings immediate support for almost everything on Google ads, as noted below;

Seamless interface to match Google Ads

  • The new SA360 UI will now match Google Ads, making it easier for Google Ads users to navigate both platforms seamlessly for increased productivity.
  • Management support for more campaign types, including local, discovery, and performance max. Furthermore, this update provides support for labels, callout message, price, app and structured snippet extensions.
  • The functionality extends past productivity and automation as it unlocks the potential to activate full-funnel first-party data for different features, such as Value-Based Bidding (VBB), in a way which has not previously been possible.

Many other engines have also been kept in mind with this update, with the below mentioned features joining the SA360 platform;

Microsoft Features

  • Responsive Search Ads support
  • Full management for Dynamic Search Ads (DSA)
  • Smart Shopping Campaigns support

Yahoo Features

  • Full measurement & management for Dynamic Ads for Search (DAS)

The result of these new integrative features? Streamlined management for the advertiser, as it permits an overview of multiple platforms in a singular view.

New SA360 Report Editor 

With the new SA360, you will have access to report overviews (customisable, full cross-engine summary of your key success metrics & top performing areas), and report editor (build, customise and download professional charts, graphs and tables that give you the insights you need). The noted features will be;

Key benefits of the new report overviews

  • User Friendly – Easy and Intuitive reporting experience

  • Flexible – More reporting options available

  • Powerful – Improved customisation options 

New Experience Hub

The final update we want to touch on today is the new experience hub. This hub can be found within your account, is available for every account and is personalised to you. This page view offers 3 different pieces of information; ‘what’s new’, ‘what’s changed’, and ‘what’s available’.

The combination of this information gives a transparent view of the account, keeping you in the loop with features and products which may be new, recently changed, or potentially features that are available which could help your account.

Although these features are just a few of many, we are really excited about this new stage of Search Ads 360 and look forward to the rest of the SA360 updates to follow in the upcoming year.

You can find the official announcement from Google here. To find out more, or to discuss the opportunity around SA360 for your business, please contact our Technology Partnerships team at