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RECMA names iProspect highest-growth media network globally

newsMarch 27, 2024 By Mike Enness, Global Head of Business Development, iProspect 

RECMA Diagnostics 2024 bi-annual edition sees iProspect surge ahead, becoming the highest growth network in the industry. 

This blog was authored by Mike Enness – Global Head of Business Development - iProspect 

Since launching as the new iProspect in 2021, following the merger with Vizeum, we have experienced remarkable growth, surpassing industry benchmarks and establishing ourselves as a prominent player in the agency realm. This is reflected in RECMA’s latest Network Diagnostic report, in which iProspect's industry quali-shares surged from 2.7% to an impressive 5.1%, marking it as the highest growth network within its sphere.

iProspect now holds the 12th position globally (previously 14th), ranking as the second highest dentsu brand. This positive trajectory underscores the agency's significant achievements across multiple markets.

Fuelled by successful client acquisitions, particularly in EMEA, iProspect has witnessed a surge in net new business. Major global clients onboarded include BMW, Zalando (end 2022), ING, and Carlsberg (2023), as well as others including Kering, Carlsberg, Netflix and Hugo Boss, propelling iProspect to our best-ever performance, securing 7th position in the Top 5 Europe Markets ranking. Notably, iProspect has demonstrated continued strength in Spain, where it ranks 3rd and is emerging as a dominant force within the industry. 

iProspect’s stellar performance extends to other key European markets, including France and the UK, where it boasts high profiles, ranking 4th, and 5th in regional rankings respectively. In Germany, our rapid evolution has seen a notable 7-point score affirming the market’s adaptability and growth potential. Similarly, in the Nordics, iProspect has climbed to the 4th ranking, bolstered by significant improvements in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

“The continued momentum and success of the last three years since our rebranding is a reflection of a passionate iProspect team who are a force to be reckoned with in the industry.”
Amanda Morrissey, Global Brand President, iProspect, added. “iProspect's journey of growth and expansion underscores our prominence as a global agency and shows we well-positioned for continued success.”

And these positive trends are not confined to Europe alone; the merger with Vizeum has also yielded favourable outcomes in the US, with iProspect achieving a commendable 10-point increase in regional rankings over the last three years.

iProspect's impressive growth journey highlights our ascent as a leading global agency, primed for ongoing success. Our expertise surpasses conventional marketing, positioning us as hyper-specialists who excel in unlocking the vast potential of global platforms. We pride ourselves on delivering pioneering solutions and product innovations, ensuring our clients have a competitive edge.

Navigating the complexities of an AI-driven landscape is second nature to us, enabling us to keep our clients ahead of the curve. In today's performance-driven, digital ecosystem, our distinctive approach sets both our clients and us apart. The tangible results we achieve speak volumes about the effectiveness of our strategies.

iProspect shares its ranking with sister agencies Carat, ranked #8 and dentsu X, ranked #13 in the overall global results.