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Intersection | iProspect’s New Content Mini Series Ep. 1-3

blogFebruary 21, 2024

iProspect just got a lot bigger with Merkle Media and iProspect North America uniting under a single promise, to help future-ready brands generate demand and accelerate decisions at every media touchpoint. What does that look like for 2024 and beyond? Welcome to our new series, Intersections, where our leaders dive into the dynamic crossroads of culture, content, data, and technology.  

Over three episodes, we will introduce you to the bold, new iProspect. Our unmatched performance expertise helps brands capitalize on the next wave of growth through customer transformation.  


Episode 1 - Meet iProspect 

Meet Liz Rutgersson, CEO, and Amanda Moore, Chief Growth Officer, the powerhouse leadership-duo for iProspect North America. The new vision for iProspect is razer-sharp: to accelerate growth for future-ready brands.  Listen to this candid discussion about how iProspect fuses data and identity into every media touchpoint to create frictionless brand experiences for the modern consumer.  


Episode 2 - At The Intersection of Transformation

With a focus on experience strategy at the intersection of creative and media, our teams are helping collectively shape the new iProspect promise. This discussion between Emily Anthony, SVP Head of Integrated Planning, and Michelle Snodgrass, EVP Head of Strategy, at iProspect, delves into the intricate interplay of performance and culture, the role of innovation in the customer journey, and identity-first media planning.


Episode 3 - 2024 Predictions

From AI-driven experiences to a heightened emphasis on efficiency, 2024 will be marked by a ruthless focus on strategic investments and cutting through the noise. In this discussion, Whitney Fishman, EVP, Head of Innovation, and Liz Vance, EVP, Managing Director, at iProspect US, place their bets for 2024.