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Google's Helpful Content Update Explained

insightsNovember 18, 2022

"After Google’s most recent update, producing the highest quality content is no longer a ‘nice to have’ but essential to protect your clients’ rankings.

This renewed focus on the quality and user experience of your onsite content means it’s more difficult than ever for brands to rank highly and drive meaningful traffic. If you’re creating content solely to please search engines without the user in mind, it’s likely you’ve seen your rankings drop in the past 2 months - but you've probably been losing trust with customers for longer.

By reworking your content planning process and putting the user front of mind, you’ll not only benefit Google’s algorithm but also improve trust with customers, build awareness earlier on in the consumer journey and gain a greater chance of conversion on your products.

This free new guide from the dentsu network, iProspect and Carat's Performance Content team, will give you everything you need to know on how this update has already impacted brands, as well as a checklist on how to futureproof your content.At a time when users are turning to search engines for help more than ever, our combined specialisms of UX, strategy and editorial are set up to support brands who produce large volumes of content to ensure it meets user intent, it pleases Google and delivers an experience that builds both trust and enjoyment."

- Riona Doherty, Content Strategy Director working across Levi’s, LloydsPharmacy, Pandora etc. 

Download Google's helpful content update explained