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Cookieless World - Ep 2 - The Consequences at a Glance

insightsSeptember 27, 2021

iProspect explores key themes from the latest dentsu international report: The Cookieless World. We'll discuss the need to plan for disruption tomorrow, by rethinking data strategies today.

The global demand for privacy is one of the most consequential consumer dynamics at play today. Across the globe, 91% of consumers are concerned about the amount of data that companies can collect about them, and 42% have taken steps to reduce the amount of data they share online.

In light of this desire for increased privacy, most technology platforms have recently implemented or announced restrictions around data collection and user tracking through their web browsers and operating systems. For brands and the advertising industry, the magnitude of this evolution is massive.

In this episode, Tom White and Heidi Kenyon-Smith look at the consequences stemming from the loss of third-party cookies, and how this change will impact users, advertisers, platforms and publishers.

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