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Accelerating Growth At The New Intersection Of Media

newsApril 11, 2022

This article originally appeared in The Media Year Book, The Media Online

"Being comfortable with ‘being uncomfortable’ is the new normal and it is within this context that a new era begins.”

– Clare Trafankowska-Neal, Managing Director, iProspect South Africa

This new future requires both magic and machines. Brought to life through the combined power of both Vizeum and iProspect; fusing: The expertise, precision & predictability of data and technology with the wonder of culture, content & storytelling - we’re redefining media and accelerating brands through a performance mindset. 

Our foundation is firmly rooted in the dentsu infrastructure which sets us up for phenomenal success. The relationship gives us unrestricted access to talent and capability beyond our integral DNA, ensuring that we remain agile and supporting our passion for client-centricity. 

In an iProspect Global Client Survey in 2020, the most important area in marketers’ roadmaps is the improved integration of brand and performance marketing which holds the promise of more consistent consumer experience, improved measurement, stronger insights, better budget allocation, and, overall, a more efficient marketing effort.

Cue 2022 and let’s face it ... we have never been more connected. Today, technology connects us to more people and communities. It connects us to virtually unlimited entertainment, informational and educational content from the comfort of our homes. It connects us to services like transport, food delivery and shopping with a simple touch.

Accelerating Growth At The New Intersection Of Media

It connects our cities and our homes to address our needs more efficiently. All these increasing connections unlock new spaces for people and brands to flourish. In this context, growth now happens at the new connection points where culture, technology, data, content, and commerce converge. Businesses that thrive at these intersections grow fastest, and media is one of the most powerful levers at their disposal. This is why we firmly believe that growth happens at the intersection of brand and performance, that all advertising is about performance, and that all advertising can and should build brands. Traditionally, performance agencies prioritised short-term returns, and media agencies left value on the table when treating performance as merely a tactical tool. Today we need a new perspective.

At iProspect, we unite brand and performance to drive growth in a way that also builds brands through our new Strategic Planning framework called Intersections. It doesn’t sit on top of what we do, it is what we do we influence real life behaviours, finding the humanity in the signals, we think like surgeons, not architects - we start with what brands already do, not from scratch. We always thrive for both optimisation + transformation. We are impatient practical thinkers – we create tangible ideas at speed and we learn from doing. We don’t think advertising is always the answer – we use media to lift barriers to growth, whatever they may be. We value both narrow expertise and big picture thinking – our different worldviews are our strength.

Backed by one of the Worlds’ largest media networks with a deliberate quest for local relevance and intimate client service. iProspect is deeply rooted in passion and performance across the entire media spectrum. Our unique perspectivehelpscompaniescapturethevalue at every touch point of the consumer journey to drive sales, build customer lifetime value, and develop long term brand health. Helping us get better together, one moment at a time.