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Les voyageurs veulent que leur recherche en ligne pour des vols soit rapide et facile.

The Challenge

Our team recognized that users tend to search for destination-to-destination flights for example, ‘Mumbai to Delhi flights,’ without indicating date ranges. The Cleartrip homepage, although brilliantly designed, needed additional configuration to show the user the best price for their query within one click of the ad unit, instead of prompting the user to fill in the date range in a second query. Having to enter search details twice was a conversion hurdle that led to substantial drops.

The results

  • 18%

    Increase in Quality Scores

  • 20%

    Increase in Conversion Rates

  • 15%

    Decrease in Cost per Segment

We knew we were onto something huge, given the encouraging response that ensued following our innovation.
We quickly saw that if we could show the user the best price for their query within one click of the ad unit, we would vastly improve conversion rates and drive substantially more sales for Cleartrip. Although the idea was top notch, the question on everyone’s mind was how do we show the users the best price when they had not specified the dates?
vivek bhargava
Vivek Bhargava Managing Director iProspect India

The Strategy

​1 Through detailed research of the industry trends, we concluded that 85% of domestic flights are booked within 30 days of flying. Keeping this in mind, we created dynamic landing pages and built an API to the flight prices.

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