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Add more energy to your summer. Microsoft's Plus More Summer promotion was designed to communicate how the consumer can use the brand's ecosystem of products and services to experience their best summer ever.

The Results

Banner impressions


Click throughs


We optimised results by pushing creative that had the best performing clickthrough rates. The campaign jumped from a clickthrough rate of 0.25% in the first week of the campaign to 0.66% in the last week – much higher than the industry benchmark of 0.09%. We identified that the consumer was more likely to click on a banner with a scene of people in the sea than a scene with people on a beach and the team capitalised on this insight.As a tactic to lure previous visitors back to the Plus More Summer webpage, we implemented a GDN re-marketing element. Users who had visited the site previously by clicking on the generic banners were then served with competition banners. The overall clickthrough rate on the retargeted banners was 0.76% - much higher than the campaign average of 0.48%. Re-marketing played a significant role because it increased further consideration amongst users who had already showed interest in the campaign.

Click through rate


The Strategy

We booked a mix of high impact banner placements and standard banners across premium sites as part of our display advertising strategy to generate awareness. The banners featured on MSN, Skype, News24, Sport 24, Fin24, Traveller24, Channel 24, Super Sport, Outlook, YouTube, MWEB, Airport Wifi, and Bid or Buy. We incorporated Google Display Network ads to get extended exposure and awareness. The Google Display Network added a re-marketing element to the campaign to encourage repeat visits to the campaign page. To generate more awareness to our target audience, we added YouTube TrueView ads to the media plan. Users could click on the ads to visit the campaign page where they could learn about Microsoft's products and services. The campaign was short and it was crucial to optimise effectively. Using A/B testing, we narrowed down the banner options from six variants to the best performing one.

Plus More Summer

A short but effective re-marketing campaign