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Microsoft ModernBiz

The Brief

Taking the office beyond the walls of the office building - this is the key message that Microsoft wanted to get across.We were tasked with developing a digital banner which communicated the fact that you could run a business from anywhere, and access important data at any time across multiple devices, with Microsoft's products and cloud services.

The Work

In order to show this in a clever way we created an expandable 300x600 to 560X600 rich media banner portraying a scene of an office space expanding outward to a street. In the collapsed banner there is a scene of a man who owns his own business. He is busy doing his daily work on his desktop computer. In the scene he reaches toward a cloud which represents the Microsoft cloud, where he saves and stores his files. This shows that he has access to the cloud in the office space and can store all his work within the cloud. A button pops up to invite users to hover and find out more, which leads to the second scene. In the expanded version of the banner the man is outside his office working on his tablet device. Although he is out of the office, he is still able to access any of the files stored within the cloud, where he can continue to send or update any of his work.

Microsoft ModernBiz

A banner that not only performs but educates

Microsoft ModernBiz