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RECMA names iProspect as ‘surging’ in annual media network report

October 2022 

RECMA (Research Company Evaluating the Media Agency Industry) named iProspect a Top 15 global digital agency network, ranked 14th overall. The listing comes after RECMA released their annual media networks and groups Quali-scores.

RECMA’s Network Diagnostic report provides an in-depth Qualitative Evaluation score in “quali-points,” gathering 19 criteria which reveal the strengths and weaknesses of 700 media agencies in 47 countries, not linked to their activity volume. 

iProspect was named as ‘surging’ in the US market with a positive year in new business providing optimistic results (+10pts over three years). In APAC, RECMA named iProspect as being ‘on a good momentum’ with a sharp increase in the region over a year, notably in India, China, and Australia. Over three years, iProspect increased in the top ranked countries (+18pts), while gaining its most robust results in EMEA, with Spain being named as #1 in market with Ymedia, along with France as Very Good. It is Good profile in the other EMEA key markets: UK, Germany, Italy, Poland, and South Africa. Globally, iProspect has shown growth overall since 2021 by increasing its quali-shares to 3.6% from 3%.

Amanda Morrissey, Global President, iProspect said, “A year on from our launch as the new iProspect, and our first year being assessed as a media network, these results are a brilliant achievement and provide clear direction of travel for iProspect and our teams around the world. With strong performance across all regions that RECMA evaluates, this independent recognition demonstrates for our clients and people, that the momentum provided by the launch of the new iProspect only continues as we drive growth at the intersection of brand and performance.” 

iProspect shares its ranking with sister agencies Carat, ranked #4 and dentsu X, ranked #11. Over the three years analysed, iProspect’s holding company, dentsu international also showed slight increase in overall quali-shares.