Future Focus: Delivering Growth in the Digital Economy

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As the pace of the Digital Economy accelerates, brands are challenged to meet growing customer expectations. See how you can win by adapting quickly and organizing for future success in 2017.

Half of the world's population is online. Half! That's 3.6 billion people who have increasingly high expectations about the speed of communication, a brand's ability to know them personally, and the efficiency of transactions of all types in the Digital Economy.  At iProspect, we like to make educated predictions about which critical factors will be the difference between business success and failure in the year ahead. Following our 2016 research focusing on customer engagement, we’re looking ahead to 2017 to find the key ingredients that will deliver business growth in the near future, including:

  • Data-inspired Decision Making

  • Getting Personal

  • Expectation Economy

  • Connected Commerce

  • Organizational Agility

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