DoubleClick Search vs AdWords

Optimise For Conversions

One of the many benefits of using DoubleClick Search is the option of floodlight conversions in the platform. Comparing to AdWords, which has one overall conversion column, DS allows you to have multiple floodlights allowing you to have a clear insight into where users are directed to and at what point they either convert, or leave the site. For example, if you can have 5 stages of the user process when making a purchase, in DS you can see what how many users initially engaged at stage 1, and then went onto stage 2, stage 3 and so on. With this granular detail, you can have a clearer insight into when users either leaving the site or staying, and therefore aim to improve/optimise these areas.

Furthermore when optimising in multiple interfaces (i.e. Facebook/AdWords) all platforms will drop the user a cookie and then each report conversions for when users click on their ads, making it seem as though you’ve generated more conversions then you actually have. Not only will using DoubleClick Search prevent duplicated conversions from being recorded, but it will also help us understand the relationship between each platform. 

Real-Time Data Visibility

When reviewing your accounts performance, up to date data is vital. Whilst with AdWords data can be delayed for up to around 3 hours, with DS your data visibility is real-time. With this feature, it means that any optimisations that you’re considering can be applied instantly, while any form of reporting can be used immediately with accurate information.

Managing Multiple Platforms

Another advantage from using DS is that the interface allows you to manage all your platforms in one section, allowing you to make any necessary changes in one area rather than making the same amendment in Google AdWords Editor, and then Bing Ads Editor and so on. This benefit allows us to save wasted time of repeating the same action multiple times, as well as reducing the chances of any simple mistakes being made. The changes you can make are not limited either, with bid strategies, keyword activation and bid adjustments being of the many features you can edit in the interface.

Manage Multiple Advertisers

Having all your advertisers in one place is time efficient and allows you to make changes to as many advertisers as you would like. Rather than having to login with different e-mail addresses and make each change individually per advertiser like you may do on AdWords, DS allows you to save time and keep things simple by having all your advertisers in the same interface.