The Challenge

As a brand that relies heavily on in-store traffic and sales, Sunglass Hut (SGH) faces typical retail challenges: reduced foot traffic, online giants like Amazon, and price-cutting resellers. Quantifying digital’s influence on in-store was a critical missing link.

Initially, the primary objective was to grow SGH’s ecommerce business, but as the team worked together it became clear that they had the opportunity to take on the even bigger challenge: showing the cause-and-effect connection between digital marketing and in-store traffic.

The Results

increased digital spend YoY


As a result of their efforts, SGH has revolutionized their business - evolving from a siloed (ecommerce vs. brick and mortar store) approach to a holistic one. Their collaborative marketing strategy and integrated profit-driven structure goes beyond last-click attribution, allowing them to be exponentially more customer-centric. Ultimately, the overall improvement to business ROI led to the decision to shift media and increase digital by 25% YoY. This campaign has proven to be the catalyst for fundamental, company-wide changes to how Sunglass Hut markets to their customers.

The Strategy

Working closely with Google and iProspect, SGH used a mix of attribution technology, geo-testing, CRM and store sales data, along with third-party beta tests to correlate digital media to in-store visits. They aggregated and anonymized the data, ran it through third-party tools, and then - fully acknowledging the data loss, assumptions, and need for extrapolation - combined the process output with insights about Google’s in-store sales attribution. They built a model that used a multiplier to more accurately gauge how digital dollars impact offline sales.

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You have to have the courage to actually make the change. Because of this work, we were able to substantially increase our digital investment and dramatically improve our investment strategy to enable cross-agency planning and full-funnel media plans. It has delivered a top-down paradigm shift that has fundamentally changed the way we market to our customers.

Chris Kobus

Vice President of Marketing, Sunglass Hut

Sunglass Hut

Making the connection between online marketing and offline sales