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Cross-channel Integration - Creating a Seamless and Consistent Customer Experience

The Challenge

In the age of multitasking, shrinking attention spans, and growing second screen behavior, brands are finding it increasingly difficult to keep customers engaged. Consumers need a cohesive and seamless brand experience that helps to pull them through the customer journey.

Understanding this, Intel has placed a lot of focus on the importance of delivering consistent cross-channel messaging designed to successfully capture consumer interest in the moment. They wanted to ensure that when a consumer’s interest was piqued via one channel – like television – they could hold that interest as the consumer explored the product on other channels, like mobile.

In addition to improving customer engagement, Intel also wanted to encourage greater cross-channel collaboration with internal and external teams in order to facilitate shared learning.

The Results

  • +75%

    click-through rate (CTR)

  • -89%

    cost per engagement (CPE)

When compared to non-synced campaigns.

Using iProspect’s syncing framework, Intel connected its television and digital marketing to deliver next generation cross-channel integration that exceeded customer expectations and helped foster a culture of cross-agency collaboration that will positively affect all their future campaigns.

The Strategy

iProspect’s syncing platform provided an integrated solution that met all their needs. The team began by connecting Intel’s TV ads with corresponding SEM ads. Using digital fingerprinting technology and their proprietary approach to syncing, iProspect built out a campaign that automatically switched from serving non-synced to synced AdWords content when triggered by the airing of specific TV ads. In addition to aligning messaging, the campaign also allowed for real-time updates on bid adjustments, keywords, and other campaign variables.

The campaign synced paid search ads to 69,743 ads on 494 TV channels across 4 different countries. The synced ads stayed live for ten to fifteen minutes after a TV ad aired, and iProspect measured the difference in engagement between the two AdWords campaigns. In addition, iProspect was also able to provide Intel and their agency partners insights into which TV ads were generating the most interest. Detailed analysis around TV spot messaging focus, length, and other details provided valuable guidance for optimizing that channel.

Earning and keeping our customers’ interest is both vitally important to the Intel brand and more and more challenging to do successfully, given people’s short attention spans. This campaign helped us effectively implement a real-time, automated solution for delivering consistent cross-channel messaging. This, in turn, helped us deliver a seamless experience that tied all our channels together.
Corey Carrillo Senior Manager of Global SEM and Performance Marketing for Intel

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