A social, heartfelt Super Bowl campaign in partnership with the American Cancer Society

The Challenge

To create a Super Bowl campaign that moves consumers on a very personal level and encourages social media engagement around a shared human experience and the personal side of Chevy, while also incorporating the Chevy driving experience.




The Results

  • 1.3 M

    changed their Facebook profile photo purple

  • 700k

    changed their Twitter profile to purple

  • +467%

    new likes on Chevrolet’s Facebook page

  • 1.5 B

    paid media impressions

The best social media campaigns don’t tell the brand story; they tell the audience’s story. The best of these stories go viral, taking on a life of their own as they are passed from person to person. Chevy’s “Purple Your Profile” campaign not only went viral, it turned passive viewers into active participants. By giving viewers a simple yet tangible way to show their support, Chevy inspired more than two million people to “purple” their profiles.

We wanted to create a campaign that blended elements of the Chevy brand – the people we serve, the charities we support, and the values we stand for – in a new way, a way that exemplified the innovative spirit and dependable strength of Chevy.
Paul Edwards VP of Marketing, Chevy

The Strategy

The multi-agency team designed a fully integrated campaign to help Chevrolet and the American Cancer Society drive awareness of World Cancer Day on February 4th. The concept included strong creative content (Purple Your Profile), which was supported by a thorough paid media strategy:

  • An emotional, 60-second Super Bowl spot called "Life"
  • Messaging matrix with tailored variations for the different channels, platforms, and audiences
  • A custom PYP landing page.

  • A social app to apply a purple tint to participants’ profile pictures

  • Internal technical and logistical coordination with Facebook and Twitter about user flow, app functionality, and other integration details

  • Paid search advertising to ensure the PYP landing page was easily discoverable

  • Paid social advertising on Facebook and Twitter

  • A measurement strategy to quantify the audience’s emotional reaction to the campaign via both digital performance and social engagement 

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