Delivering significant ROAS using gender-specific search campaigns

The Challenge

Personalized paid search campaigns that feature audience-specific messaging increase conversion rates, ROI, and overall revenue. They also enhance consumer perceptions of the brand.  Prior to implementing this campaign, queries for the term “adidas” did not provide any insights into what consumers were actually searching for. Because of this lack of insight, adidas could only serve up generic, gender-neutral ad copy and send users to non-specific pages that featured a mix of men’s and women’s products.

The Results

  • +65%

    increase in CTR

  • +103%

    increase in conversion rate

  • +303%

    increase in ROAS

Without needing any additional budget allocation, external vendor coordination, or substantial labor, the team was able to deliver stellar results.

The Strategy

Working with iProspect, adidas identified an important opportunity to apply a gender-based retargeting search strategy to their branded campaigns that would provide each customer with more relevant, useful content.

The team created male and female user lists in Google Analytics after reviewing individual user interactions with gender-specific pages on The team then created duplicates of the ad groups based on the term “adidas,” and targeted each group to either the men’s or women’s remarking lists.

Finally, the team ensured that these adidas customers in the newly targeted ad groups received both gender-specific messaging in ad copy and were ultimately delivered to gender-specific landing pages featuring relevant product.

As consumers are taking more control of their digital experience and expect targeted content, we’re challenged with creating search ads that are personalized and relevant in order to effectively speak to our clients' consumers. We were able to accomplish this by creating a personalization strategy using remarketing lists for search, which allowed us to further improve performance of our already best performing campaign.
Sammie Phillips Manager, Paid Search, iProspect

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