Case Studies

Intel pioneers new search territory with auction-based merchandising

Search is no longer exclusive to search engines. People are searching for answers and products across their personal digital landscape. There in lies the opportunity. A brand that produces relevant answers to each consumer’s questions begins to create meaningful connections and build a loyal consumer base. How is this done? Brands and agencies must listen well first. Then, instead of serving up general marketing messages as responses, they should reply with useful, valuable, quality information.

Performance marketing requires attention to detail, the ability to control campaign variables, and – ultimately – insight into the cause and effect relationship between your marketing efforts and customer behavior. For an “ingredient” brand like Intel, acquiring these core capabilities is more challenging due to the once-removed nature of their relationship with the end consumer. Though Intel runs direct-to-consumer brand awareness campaigns, they are typically unable to attribute product sales to specific advertising campaigns.

Intel, our innovative client partner of 10+ years, has pioneered new search territory with auction-based merchandising, essentially placing Intel products in front of the consumer on 40+ retail sites at the critical decision making moment - increasing share of wallet by 23%. They were one of the first brands to explore and test HookLogic’s revolutionary ad format – a solution that delivers scale for auction-based merchandising by providing standardized placement across a broad network of retailers which do not, like Amazon, have their own in-house auction-based merchandising services.

Auction-based merchandising not only gave Intel the ability to promote Intel-based product SKUs directly on retailer sites to consumers searching for those specific products, it also gave Intel an unprecedented level of control over which products to promote on a per-SKU, per-site basis. This was preferable to having to rely on the retailers’ natural merchandising, or having to negotiate with an OEM. Via HookLogic, Intel also gained access to standardized reporting that provided valuable sales insights by retailer.

“This is entirely new territory for us,” said Corey Carrillo, Sr. Manager SEM & Performance Media, “but we’re excited about the results and the opportunity to influence consumers in a very specific, relevant, and measurable way.”